What is the T.C. Steele Historic Trail?

The Trail is a progressive web application (PWA) that can be downloaded and used like an app, on both desktop and mobile devices. While a PWA can be used like any regular website, installing it will place it alongside your other favorite apps for convenient access.

The Trail follows a seamless, 300-mile loop along scenic highways that passes multiple historic sites and state parks. It features seven Trail Stops significant to the Steele legacy. Visitors can explore each Trail Stop in person or virtually to learn the history of each location, see related paintings by Steele, get driving directions, and discover nearby attractions. On-site visitors can log in to stamp their digital passports, track their progress on the trail, and earn a Certificate of Completion.

Install the Trail PWA

Easily open the Historic Trail web app on your mobile device by adding the app to your home screen. The installation process varies depending on your operating system and web browser.

Installing the PWA on iOS (iPhone)

A PWA can only be installed on iOS using the Safari web browser.

It will now be on your home screen.


Installing the PWA on Android

The default Chrome browser is capable of installing PWAs for Android.

The PWA is now installed and available on your home screen.

Allow Geolocation

In order to stamp your virtual passport, we must verify you are at a T.C. Steele Historic Trail Stop. When prompted, please allow geolocation on your device.

Log in or Create an Account

New Users

New trail visitors can create an account right here in the Trail app.


Old Friends

Friends of T.C. Steele members are welcome to log in with your tcsteele.org username and password.

Reset your Password

Forgot your password? Reset it here.

Stamp your Passport

When you visit a location on the T.C. Steele Historic Trail, you can log in and stamp your virtual passport by clicking CHECK IN in the menu or using the Stamp my Passport button at the top of each trail stop page.

Receive your Certificate of Completion

If you shared your name and address during registration or on the My Account page, the Friends of T.C. Steele will mail you a certificate of completion when you collect all 7 passport stamps.

Questions or Feedback?


The Friends of T.C. Steele has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information within this App at the time of public launch. No design or content of this App may be reproduced without written permission from The Friends of T.C. Steele, Inc. Suggestions or permissions should be directed electronically using the form above.